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The Original Ravioli Since 1933

Silver Star is a family owned business with over 80 years and 5 generations of experience and our top priority is to produce and sell a product of the highest quality. We at Silver Star are committed to never compromising that principle. Quality and consistency have made Silver Star the number one ravioli in the New York Tristate are for many years.
"Silver Star is passionate about developing new items such as entrées and pasta sauces, following the traditional quality and taste principles passed down from generation to generation within the Aversa family. We thank our many customers for your continued support and we look forward to another 80 years of pleasing your family.

We pledge to use only the finest quality ingredients in all of our products, and we back that promise up with a satisfaction guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason,  "we'll make it right"

The Trotta Family

                        Silver Star the Original Ravioli Since 1933
                                   "Take home an Italian Tonight"
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In 1910 Vincenzo Aversa left the shores of his home in Palermo, Italy for a new life in America. When they arrived they quickly settled in with family and friends in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY. Vincenzo’s dad Francesco quickly established himself as a premiere pasta artisan which was his trade back home in Italy. Within a few years Francesco opened the Bayridge Macaroni Company. Vincenzo had worked with his dad in the store as a boy where he developed his skills and a passion for the pasta business. It was in 1933 when Vincenzo desired to expand his father’s business into stuffed pasta’s, Specialties that were made exclusively in the Aversa home. Vincenzo established a new name to sell his high quality products under and that name of course was SILVER STAR. At first all they items were made by hand using nothing but high quality natural ingredients. As the demand for these specialty items grew Vincenzo’s desire was to produce these same items on a larger scale never sacrificing his favorite word Quality.

It was now Vincenzo’s mission to automate the process so he called on a long time friend who I only know as (Mr. Lombi) Mr. Lombi was an engineer and a machinist and together they developed the first automated ravioli machines. These basic principles are still used in today’s pasta equipment and there still plenty of the old style Lombi machines still in operation. Now that production capabilities where expanded Vincenzo was able to start producing product in larger quantities to meet his demands that now have surpassed just his local neighborhood and had reach the 5 boroughs and Long Island. It was now time to incorporate the business while meeting with his attorney the attorney asked Vincenzo you’re an Italian immigrant where did the name Silver Star come from, Vincenzo’s answer was simple he had such a love for his new country the highest honor that could be given to a soldier in America was a Silver Star.

 In 1950 Silver Star moved into a 25,000 square foot factory on McDonald Ave in Brooklyn. Sales have become so strong that Silver Star was being sold in all the local super markets and specialty stores within the Tristate area along with local foodservice distributors who supplied local airlines and cruise ships and restaurants. Vincenzo passed away in 1969 leaving the company to his daughter Rosalie Trotta and his brother Anthony Aversa. Silver Star under the new leadership continued to grow over the next 15 years when Rosalie Trotta acquired 100% ownership of Silver Star. Silver Star through the next decades has continued to grow reaching annual sales of 12 million with customers on the east coast, Arizona, Nevada, California.

Silver Star is one of the most recognized names in the pasta industry and has been for 80 years.

Silver Star The Original Ravioli…..

"Take home an Italian tonight"

 I grew up on Silver Star Ravioli in the 60's-80's in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island....I have never found another ravioli that measured up to yours. Is there any way to ship this to Madison WI? I'll gladly pay extra shipping costs if we can make this happen! 

Patricia M

 Silver Star cavatelli is the best on the market. its the only cavatelli I use when making cavatelli with garlic and broccoli.. 

Printed in the NY Daily News..

 I lived in Brooklyn when I was a kid and now live in Arizona. Can you please send these items to us. we need a great ravioli out here... 

John P
  • Brooklyn, New York, United States